January 29, 2021

Dear Special Event Friends,

On behalf of the Municipal Special Events Association Board of Directors, I’d like to wish you all a Happy New Year, and a shared hope for a healthy, happy and stable 2021!

As we all know, 2020 presented its share of challenges for all of us in the Special Events industry. Unfortunately the MSEA Board struggled with these challenges, not only in our own jobs and personal lives, but as leaders of this organization as well. Our efforts to establish the MSEA as a nonprofit organization and plan a virtual summit were derailed as we all struggled to stay afloat.

While there are still many questions about the impact COVID-19 will have on our industry in 2021, we are all hopeful that better things are to come, and that some sense of normalcy will return in the coming months. However, given the challenges and uncertainty that we are still facing, and knowing the toll that this is taking on everyone’s workload and mental state, we have elected to forgo a virtual summit this calendar year.

With that, we are entering 2021 with a renewed energy and excitement for this organization and are committed to the following:

  •  Complete steps to establish the MSEA as a 501(c)6 non-profit organization
  •  Fill two newly vacated board positions (applications coming soon)
  •  Establish a membership program with tangible benefits
  •  Submit bylaws to membership for approval
  •  Update to provide educational and administrative resources including a membership database, downloadable webinars, best practices and more
  • Move forward with plans for an in-person summit in Houston, TX in 2022

Please know that our commitment to you and to our industry has never wavered. We are excited to move forward this year as an organization that you can rely on for knowledge and support. Though many exciting resources are still to come, I encourage you to follow @SpecialEventsHQ on Facebook, and utilize the platform to connect with your peers. You may also contact us directly at

Once again, best wishes for a happy and healthy new year!

Carly Kobasiar


Municipal Special Events Association